VxRack Neutrino UI Simulator

VCE VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino Nodes is a turnkey, rack-scale system purpose-built for cloud native applications, with compelling economics.  This demo allows you to interact with the VxRack System 1000 with Neutrino UI Simulator.  It provides VxRack Neutrino's basic functionality and use cases without the need of a full-fledged running system.  The UI Simulator provides a similar UI experience that a customer would get from logging into a real system.

This version of the UI simulator includes the following functionality and supports these uses cases:

• Full experience for the management of Accounts, Users, Group, and Projects.
• External users configuration though LDAP.
• Adding and removing Cloud Compute nodes, including computation of resources, and Ansible playbook simulation.
• Transferring platform nodes.
• Services and Infrastructure navigation and simulation.
• Neutrino Base OS and Services Upgrade experience.

-  Reports are currently HTML pages that shows the content, but have no drill down on buttons and detailed functionality.  
-  Buttons that have no functionality implemented will do nothing when clicked. No errors will be thrown.


VxRail 3.5 (Updated)

UPDATE: This demo has been updated to VxRail 3.5

The VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market. Based on VMware’s vSphere and Virtual SAN, and EMC software:

Take the VCE VxRail for a spin, and get hands-on time with the following features:

- Scale-Out: Ease & Speed to Scale-Out an existing VxRail Infrastructure Perform this task through a few clicks of the mouse   
- EMC Integration: View the tight integration via the VxRail Management Web Client to the VxRail app store, online support, chat/KB articles, inspect the hardware status of appliances and arrange replacement failed parts , all from within this single UI.
- Cloud Array: Easily expand the storage capacity of your VxRail infrastructure using Cloud provider(s), including vCloud Air
- Backup Your VxRail Virtual Infrastructure: Using the industry leading backup solution from EMC, RecoverPoint for VMs, backup up your virtual infrastructure all from within the vSphere Web Client and a few clicks of the mouse.


vRA 7 Data Protection

In this click-through (v2) you can showcase how Dell EMC’s data protection solution is deeply integrated into VMware vRealize Automation (vRA). VMware's vRealize Automation enables governed, self-provisioning of virtual machines.

Automated deployment is great, but why not automate provisioning of data protection at the same time? 

With Dell EMC’s Data Protection Extension for vRealize Automation, you can.Data protection can be enabled during the deployment of a new VM, which is shown, and also be enabled on an already deployed VM, which is too.

After applying data protection, showing how easy it is to backup a VM on-demand, restore a VM that has become corrupted, and lastly perform a file-level restore, all accessed from within vRA is completed.

For more information see (internal access only):


Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC)

Native Hybrid Cloud is a fully turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform that’s ready to use in hybrid operating models in as little as two days.

Based on best-in-class Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service technologies, Native Hybrid Cloud can give you the speed you need to transform your business into a software-driven enterprise.

In this NHC interactive demo you can take on the persona of a developer and walk through the following features:

- Deploy an application
- Manage an application
- Application performance monitoring
- Binding services
- Application availability (self-healing)
- Application logging
- Blue Green deployment
- Continuous delivery


Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC)

A unified hybrid cloud helps organizations innovate rapidly while still delivering enterprise-grade performance, resiliency and security.

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) delivers on this by combining the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services.

Click the 'Start' button below to be taken to the EHC demo portal, where you'll be have access to a wealth of EHC related collateral, videos, and most importantly, interactive demos.


vRO 7 Data Protection

In this click-though you can showcase how Dell EMC’s data protection solution is deeply integrated into VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO). VMware's vRealize Orchestrator enables automated management of virtual machines. Automating actions for your VMs is great, but why not automate data protection provisioning, monitoring, and recovery at the same time?  With Dell EMC’s Data Protection Extension for vRealize Orchestrator, you can.

Whether you’re using vRO or have your own self-service portal built off of vRO, Dell EMC supplies all the necessary data protection Workflows for you to ensure your data protection SLOs can be met with ease. Let me go ahead and show you some of the capabilities of the Dell EMC Data Protection Extension for vRO by adding data protection to an existing VM, backing up that VM on-demand, and restoring that VM after it becomes corrupted.

For more information see (internal access only):



Try out the latest version of Isilon OneFS (8.0) and experience Isilon Edge and CloudPools.

In this demo you will be able to perform the following tasks:

- Install an Isilon Edge instance on a VMware vSphere cluster
- Automatically sync data between Isilon Edge and Core instances, and vice-versa
- Easily tier "frozen" data off of the Isilon Core to a public Cloud storage provider
- See how end users can seamlessly access data/files which have been tiered to a Cloud storage provider



EMC Unity delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value to speed deployment, streamline management and seamlessly extend the data storage to the cloud.Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities. Cloud-enabled management and proactive support keep you connected.

This Unity interactive demo steps you through the following:

- Rapid initial configuration through the use of an easy to use step by step configuration wizard
- Easily create a VMware Datastore, once again, via the use of a straight forward configuration wizard.  Click, click, done!
- View the configurable dashboard, which provide highly useful insights into metrics such as performance, capacity utilization, alerts, etc.
- Obtain further valuable information of the system via the 'System View'.  This provides a photo-realistic view into the underlying hardware including useful parts and status information.
- Access product support information all through Unity web based management interface.
- CloudIQ provides a powerful performance, health and analytics management dashboard.


Spanning - Microsoft OneDrive & Salesforce

Spanning now offers backup protection for Microsoft OneDrive!

In this short demo you'll be taken through the basic steps involved with:

- An administrator easily restoring a user's directory from within their OneDrive instance
- An end user exporting data from Salesforce
- An end user restoring information/data through a few clicks of the mouse, all from within the Salesforce web based UI


Spanning - Microsoft Office365

Spanning Backup for Microsoft Office 365 protects you from the data loss scenarios Microsoft doesn't cover (human mistakes, configuration errors, and malicious activity) by providing daily automated and on-demand backups  along with granular restores of data back into Office 365. 

See for yourself how fast and easy Spanning makes backing up and restoring Office 365 data:

- Restore Office 365 Mail and Calendar items from one user to a different user
- Restore Office 365 Mail and Calendar items as an end user
- Perform basic administration tasks such as assigning licenses, checking on backup errors, and examining activity logs

Spanning also offers similar protection functionality to SaaS products; Google Apps and Sales Force.